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A Hobby In Progress

One of my goals in life is to capture the beauty of nature and the life force in animals. I am learning to be a photographer self taught through blogs, You Tube and my own mistakes.

Therapeutic Links

My child Jessie Ann. Photo at Vintage Thistle Stettler Alberta, Photo Credit Dana Hudson

I am working on what to put here. I think It may be connections to therapy’s that surround my life. Links to help others find the help they need. Bare with me I will put something here.

Sage Wellness and Lymphedema Management

Fam and Friends Books, Blogs and Pods

Shannon Astraea:

Jessie Ann

Healing with Elixirs

Karai the Writter


I love life and have lots to say


I do love life! I have happy days, sad days, sometimes I have days that I feel I am wise and helpful then I have days where everything I ever learned has gone right out the window and I need help.

Art Gallery

Thought I might put my art work here. My Mom was a great artist as is my baby sister. They are both an inspiration to me. Shannons Links are in Fam Friends Books and Blogs.


I grew up thinking I was not good enough, believing that my family was too broke to send me to school. If they were to broke then it was obviously my destiny to go, right? so why even try? Well it took me a few years to change my stars but here I am.


I would love to keep writing. if you enjoy what I write and want to donate to my up keep of my web site and some of my time of course it will be wonderfully appreciated and totally not expected. I want my readers to enjoy with no expectations. Thank you


Love the World

Helping one person may not change the world,
but it could change the world for one person.

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